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My new Bible Blog

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Me in Brazil

Hey Everyone I just published a Bible blog on my apple me server. Check out the link and let me know what you guys think.

I know the posts are old, I’ll try to get some new ones up soon, but they are still good and worth reading. Also let me know if there are any topics you want me to right about.

here’s the link: http://web.me.com/ultraquik/Quiks_Bible_Blog/Blog/Blog.html




Plasma TV’s

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Plasma Tv’s have been around since the early 2000′s. These Tv’s are often over looked by people who have been misinformed or lied to.

-Picture Technology: Plasma televisions make their picture using a mixture of Neon & Zenon gases, which when hit by electricity illuminate (light up).

-Energy Efficiency: This technology has been refined over the last decade to be on of the most energy efficient types of TV’s. A 46 inch 3D Plasma uses a meager $19 per year running 6 hours per day.

-600Hz: Plasmas also have the fastest Motion Processor speed out of any Television. A lightning fast 600Hz. That means absolutely no motion blur like that found on 60Hz, 120Hz, and 240Hz LCD’s and LED’s.

-Life Expectancy. Plasma’s have a 100,000 hour panel life expectancy, that calculates out to more than 30 years running 8 hours everyday. LCD’s and LED’s are only about half that @ 60,000 hours.

Now to Deal with peoples negative issues they have heard about.

-Glare: The Plasmas have a glass covering over the screen which can lead to glare and reflections in base 720p models. in the 1080p models from good manufacturers such as Panasonic, there is an anti-reflective, anti-glare coating on the screens to allow enjoyment of Plasma Televisions in even the brightest rooms

-Burn-in: Approximately 8 years ago Plasma’s had a tendency to burn in, this has been fixed by the addition of a pixel orbiter, that moves pixels constantly on the screen smaller and faster than the eye can detect. You can leave a Plasma on a stagnant (frozen) image for 36 hours straight without any residual image (aka: burn in)

-Heat: Plasma’s do run hotter than LCD’s and LED’s, but not to the point that it heats a room or interferes with any use of the product. (we are talking about 10-15 degrees hotter)


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Everyone has favorite cars. I’m curious what those are. Do more people like convertibles, sports cars, hybrids, or trucks?? Lets find out.

Bieber Experiment

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I’m trying to see if I can get “Beliebers” to follow this blog. Take the poll if your a “Belieber” and show your support.

Brits 2011


TV Shopping Guide

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Hey guys,

I know everyone always gets confused shopping for TV’s, as far as whats better, what the differences are, and so on. So I’m going to be working on simplifying all the Types of TV’s for you, as well as what the different features are and what to look for.

I’m already done with the Plasma section. If you look on the home page, It is in the top left corner. I should have the LCD’s and LED’s done this afternoon.

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